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An Experience That's
Always Extraordinary

Swifts Edibles is a Washington State cannabis and edibles brand pushing the boundaries on making the most enjoyable, consistent, and delicious cannabis products on the market.

Delectable Cannabis Infused Edibles


Swifts Chocolate Covered
Swifts Truffles
Swifts Gummies
Swifts Mints & Tabs
Swifts Sour Drops
Naturally Infused Honey


Full Spectrum Swallowable Tablets


Infused Smokables & Cartridges


DIPPED Pre-Rolls
DIPPED C-Cell Cartridges
DIPPED Flavored Pre-Rolls
Water Tincture Additive

SipCool Shotz

About Green Labs

Forged by a family of determined and daring entrepreneurs, Green Labs creates unique product lines precisely infused to create the best cannabis experience, no matter your preference.

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